Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking Forward to the Year of Snake

2012 was a very busy yet productive year. Learning traditional southern pottery in Catawba valley has tremendous influence on my works.
This doesn't necessarily mean that I begin to make southern style pottery. Coming from a ceramic engineering background, I used to focus too much on technical aspect of ceramics. After met Kim Ellington and learned about Catawba Valley pottery tradition, I became more humble to the material and to the process.
One of my favorite piece from 2012 productions was made from Catawba Vally natural clay, traditional 7,5,2 Alkaline glaze, and fired in Kim's groundhog kiln.
I am anticipating the transformation of my works in 2013 just like this piece.......



  1. great to see the before and after, love the surface in the bottom of the bowl

  2. We should always be open to learning new things.
    I hope the year of the snake is a lucky one.