Thursday, January 21, 2010

曉芳窯 Hsaio Fang Pottery Arts

I would like to share Hsiao Fang Pottery Arts web site with you all.
I have gained tremendous practical knowledge and experience from Hsaio Fang Pottery Arts when I worked as personal assistant to the founder, Mr. Tsai Hsaio Fang. To me, it's more like an apprenticeship than a full time job. What kind of boss would willingly teach you how to properly do reduction at 2:00 am?
Hsiao Fang Pottery Arts is also the place I highly recommend to visit beside National Palace Museum whenever I have friends plan to visit Taiwan.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


December and January were 2 very non-productive months to me in terms of pottery making. On the other hand, the holidays and school winter break had brought me wonderful quality family times. I think my holiday mode is not going to end so soon until Chinese New Year which will fall on February 14 this year.
Over the holidays, I read my pottery mentor-friend Tom Turner's article regarding refiring. Since I haven't produced any now pieces, I tried to refire some old pots. All the refired pieces turned out much "nicer" than from the first firing. On the refired pieces, glaze surface shows slightly runny and gives the piece a reduction fired look. I can see the potential on refirng.

a brown glaze from cone 6 firing

after refiring, the brown glaze looks more like Temmoku
a white glaze looks like cone 10 Yellow Salt glaze after refiring