Monday, February 25, 2013

Catawba Valley Pottery Festival

Since early February, I have been working on the up coming Catawba Valley Pottery and Antique Festival. My studio is now full of greenwares and bisque wares. If I had a groundhog kiln, I would fill it by now.
I have learned that most collectors come to this show only for a certain potters' works. Since this is the first time I participate in this show, I hope that my works can attract my own collectors.
Based on the traditional standard in Catawba Valley, 20 lbs clay should make at least a 6 gallon jar/ jug. Here are some 8 and 2 gallon lidded vases I prepared for the show. They should look great in transparent green, brown or turquoise glazes. I will post finish pieces after I run glaze testes.
The 16th Annual Catawba Valley Pottery & Antique Festival is on Saturday March 23 from 9am - 5pm.
7 Gallon lidded vase with peony design
7 gallon lidded vase
The frog is trying to catch a bug (on the lid) for lunch..............
but he isn't aware of himself going to become lunch of the snake
A Southern pottery is incomplete until it tells a story 
a 2 gallon lidded jar with a frog-knob 
Swirl pots can not be missed in Catawba Valley
This is my version of swirl - marbling jar
Big swirl-marbling bowls

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