Friday, March 12, 2010

Rice Jar

My first commission work, after moved to Greensboro, was a rice jar. A Korean friend I met in church couldn’t find a nice rice jar from local Asian grocery market. Soon as she knew that I am a potter, she requested one.
Making a larger piece is fun and rewarding, especially in a show. It often quickly draw people’s attention.
After hand built flower vases for 2 days, I tried to go back to wheel and make few more rice jars. Yesterday I threw 4 separate sections for making 2 rice jars. Today I connect them and then threw handles, lids, and knobs. I should be able complete them over the weekend.

use 25lb of clay for bottom section (20lb for top)

2 sections are ready to be connnected 

preparing the bottom section

connecting top and bottom

rice jar #1

rice jar #2

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Plate and platter are probably the simplest ceramic objects to make. They are just the combinations of a few curve and straight lines. However, the simple thing is often difficult to deal with. It took me for a while to create new designs on new platters.

more carvings

try to bring some Summer heat to warm up this messy weather

more oak plates