Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer in Taiwan

This May, I brought my son, Alex, visit Taiwan. While enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery, we also made a few trips to some pottery related sites.
The first pottery site we discovered was quite an accident. I  took Alex to  the park where my father used to take me to. It's very close to my old house.
"Those who have attended my workshops before probably remember about my hometown, Nantou city. It's the only city in Taiwan that is not next to ocean. Instead, it's surrounded by  mountains. With its rich natural  clay deposit and  abundant wood, Nantou was famous for its functional pottery, especially, large water jars."
In Nantou park, I  found this small wood-fire kiln. It's  based on traditional Nantou "snake kiln" and reduced to 1/8 of  its original size. I couldn't find any information about this kiln, but, according to the burn mark on the kiln, I  believed that it has been fired few times. It will be a good model for me to build a smaller wood-fire kiln in North Carolina.
I will return to  the US in late June. Before then, I will share more photos from this trip!!