Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Works

Personal Size Blue Ash Berry Bowl
Personal Size Shino Berry Bowl
Large Bowl with Amber Celadon/ Blue Ash Glazes
Large Bowl with Copper Red/ Blue Ash Glazes

Shino Tea Caddy
Here are some new works that just came out of cone 10 reduction firing over the weekend. I found some interesting glaze combinations: Copper Red (inside) works well with most dark glazes (on outside).
At the same time, I also found that never use Amber celadon (inside) and Shino (on outside) on the same piece. Unfortunately, 1/5 of kiln load were in this glaze combination and they went straight to dumpster.
I am so used to with monochrome ceramics. Finding good glaze combination on one piece is quite challenging. I probabily shouldm't always trust my intuition.