Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 Hart's Square Groundhog Kiln Firing

I was fortunate to have some pieces loaded and fired in Hart's Square groundhog kiln over Catawba Valley. It's my very first hand on wood firing experience and very first time using alkaline glaze.  
The shape of my pots that usually works well in gas reduction firing doesn't seem to fit with alkaline glaze. I need to explore new forms that would hopefully amplify the quality of alkaline glaze.
How ironic. Alkaline glaze was dominant type of glaze used by Chinese potters for over centuries, and I, a Chinese potter, after potting for 12 years, finally used alkaline glaze the very first time in Catawba Valley, North Carolina.

Large Bowl with regular Alkaline glaze

Large planter with regular Alkaline glaze

Groundhog kiln at Hart's Square
Future firing crew

Blasting to cone 11

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  1. Both of the bowls look like wood with the alkaline glaze, especially the second one. Amazing to see the kiln firing with all the flames.