Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catawba Valley Clay

Today, I just tried the clay that Kim Ellington gave me few weeks ago. It is the local clay Kim dug out from a site in Catawba Valley. The clay is a little bit groggy during wedging, but surprisingly smooth to throw. It also has an unique aroma which reminds me of the clay I used to play from my uncle's pottery shop in my hometown, Nantou City, Taiwan.
I now believe that only the mother nature can produce the best clay for potter. If you have read " A Single Shard" by Linda Sue Park, you might remember Tree Ear's first job from potter Ming was to dig clay. My clay experience might need to re-start from the beginning: digging clay.
Here are three pots made from Catawba Valley clay. They are going to be fired in a groundhog kiln in November. I will make sure to share pictures of a groundhog, ME, climbing in and out of kiln!!

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  1. As a former gardener and landscaper, I can say digging in good soil is a pleasure not to be missed; can't wait to see these fired.