Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Koi, Shrimp, and Turtle II

It's been a busy semester. Beside teaching at UNCG, I am also teaching at Catawba Valley Community College this semester.

Being Able to work with Kim Ellington at CVCC is worth of driving between Greensboro and Hickory. Kim Ellington is my favorite American folk potter. He just like an encyclopedia of American traditional folk pottery. I am looking forward to this valuable experience at Catawba.
Hopefully by October, I will have some big wood-fired pots with alkaline glaze on them......from Kim's modified ground hog kiln.

After returned from Taiwan, I am struggling with getting new concepts for my works. Lately, I can only work with some traditional works to refine my skills. I am hoping that this "exercise" will lead me to something new.

Here are few carved black slip plates with celadone glaze from my latest firing.



  1. Wonderful, is there a hint of blue green in the glaze?

  2. Hi Linda. Yes, it's green celadon.