Friday, October 16, 2009

Candle Holder

While waiting for kiln to finish glaze firing, I am trying to make candle holders. This is something that I've never made before. Many traditional Seagrove potters made candle holders. I feel I need to try at least once since I am a NC potter now.
The first candle holder design I have in mind is Chinese Temmoku tea bowl stand. Once I read a book about antique Chinese ceramics, I found the author mistakenly identified a Temmoku tea bowl stand as an oil lamp. It does look like oil lamp when tea bowl is not placed on its top.
To follow a Chinese saying "將錯就錯," which means " to go along with an uncorrected mistake," I altered the idea of oil lamp into candle holder. It is quite fun to make them.

Candle holder portion was thrown in one piece and trim
Stem was thrown separately and attached
Ready for bisque


  1. Hi Po Wen! So glad to see you in blog land! I love the idea of these candle holders and your teapots in the previous post are wonderful!!!