Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I wasn't a big fan of wood-fire pottery until I learned about Kim Ellington and Catawba Valley pottery from a local public television program. I wasn't aware of such rich American pottery tradition exist just right here in North Carolina!!
I rarely seen a pottery that can really touch my heart. The last time when it happened, it was in the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. A couple of weeks ago, I gave a wheelthrowing workshop at CVCC Potters Workshop and had an opportunity to visit Kim Ellington's kiln and studio. I was so inspired by his works that I threw some six-gallon planters right after returned to my studio. I have no access to wood-fire kiln so I use some of my cone 6 glazes to "imitate" alkaline glaze effect.
Mr. Ellington agreed to teach me firing his wood-fire kiln. I can't wait to see how this will change my works.

6-gallon planter

a home for my peony


  1. I hope to wood fire some day, great planter especially like the flutes at the top.

  2. Thank you Linda! The rim is actually a rolled hollow rim. It makes the piece look stronger.

  3. your pots are wonderful as usual.

  4. Than you Meredith. I am looking forward to seeing your new works from this firing.