Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Works

Personal Size Blue Ash Berry Bowl
Personal Size Shino Berry Bowl
Large Bowl with Amber Celadon/ Blue Ash Glazes
Large Bowl with Copper Red/ Blue Ash Glazes

Shino Tea Caddy
Here are some new works that just came out of cone 10 reduction firing over the weekend. I found some interesting glaze combinations: Copper Red (inside) works well with most dark glazes (on outside).
At the same time, I also found that never use Amber celadon (inside) and Shino (on outside) on the same piece. Unfortunately, 1/5 of kiln load were in this glaze combination and they went straight to dumpster.
I am so used to with monochrome ceramics. Finding good glaze combination on one piece is quite challenging. I probabily shouldm't always trust my intuition.


  1. Hi Powen,
    Love the Ash Glazes. In the past I've noticed a willingness to share your glaze recipes. Is the Ash glaze one you would be willing to post?

    Thanks, Scott, Des Moines, WA

  2. Normally I wouldn't think of putting red with blue, but it really works with that bowl, your ash really runs very evenly and is a very strong blue I like it. Sorry about the combo you had to toss, what a big disappointment

  3. Great results with the combinations! I love the run of your blue ash glaze,the pattern it is beautiful.

  4. Very filigree and beauty results. Also the glaze is fitting very well to the delicate forms. Best regards Senna

  5. Hello Powen,

    Please let me know if I may have permission to feature you on Local Pigeon.



  6. Hello~ Powen,,,
    Accidentaly, visit your blog,, wonderful work !
    Mia Ishiguro from Schuambyrg, IL.

  7. Hi Mia, I am so glad to hear from you.