Monday, March 7, 2011

24th NC Pottery Conference

Over the weekend, I attended the 24th NC Pottery Conference and worked with 6 Chinese students from ECU to help out with translation.
It was a wonderful conference that provided an opportunity to American potters to get a close look of Jingdezhan porcelain making process.
There were 5 demonstrations going simultaneously; Wheel throwing, Trimming, Under glaze decoration, Over glaze decoration, and Slab-building. Each master has been working in his/ her professional field more than 10 years. They were like treasure boxes for the attendances to explore.
If you missed this conference, you can visit Odyssey Clay Center and Penland this Wednesday (slide presentation only) and ECU Speight Auditorium on March 14 and 15 (demo and penal discussion.)

5 presenters from left to right (in front of monitors): Master Feng, Shangjin (overglaze painter), Prof. Feng, Weina (underglaze painter), Master Dai, Guanyu (trimmer), Master Zhan, Shaolin (thrower), and Master Xie, Zhenghua (slab building)

Master Zhan, Shaolin - throwing with no sponge and no cutting wire. He apply slip from his hands to pot and cut off pieces from the hump by fingers

7 hours of works (more pieces on floor). Some pieces were designed by audiences with specific dimensions

  Taking a short break in front of his works

Master Xie, Zhenghua joining slabs with no scoring. On Jingdezhen porcelain, scoring would create uneven join surface and increase shrinkage. 



  1. What an amazing event! So much talent in one room... I would have enjoyed being there. Thank you for posting about it and for sharing the photos.

  2. What a great event, and wonderful works, interesting about scoring creating uneven join surface and increasing shrinkage. I have had a problem with my large hand built pieces separating at the join after bisque or glaze firing, I am going to try to build without scoring and see if that helps. thanks.