Friday, February 5, 2010

Warming Up

After dropped off kids to schools this morning, I "flew" to studio right away. Schools were closed for 3 days so I needed to shift myself from a full time potter to a full time daddy. Did I say that my vacation mode will go till Chinese New Year!? My body said so but my mind did not allow me to do so. I missed clay......... 
After threw 2 bags of clay on floor to wedge them, I made some bowls to warm up my hands and then threw some plates. Not too bad, 2 hours made four 25" plates and several bowls. I am back to business.


  1. 人生的光榮,不在永不失敗,而在於能夠屢仆屢起。 ..................................................

  2. I'm trying to talk a friend of mine that took your teapot workshop at Claymakers to come with me to your plate workshop. We were supposed to do a saggar firing on that date, so I'm not sure if she will want to change those plans. Would love to take it! Your platter is beautiful!! Oh, by the way, I have been making boxes using the template idea you shared in your teapot workshop, works wonderfully :)

  3. I hope you can make it. Maybe we can talk about saggar firing during the workshop too :)
    I read your blog about making boxes. I am glad that you like the technique. I am trying to develop new templetes for making more complex form.